2 months 2 millions Episode 8

Episode 8 was the episode where the team finally had a breakthrough and combined ended up winning $371.000 making the result after eight of the ten 2month2millon episodes a plus of $507.000. The episode began where episode 7 ended with Dani, Jay and Emil having to buy Brian a $5000 watch because he was the biggest winner in 2months 2million episode 7. After having found his watch the three other guys each pulled up the credit card and the one card who was picked had to pay the bill which show how degenerated gamblers the guys really are.


The solution to the missing results and winnings was to create a so called lockdown where the team could not leave the war room for 36 hours. Dani lost around $22.00 while Brian and Emil both won during this lockdown period but all focus was on Jay as he was playing the nosebleed stakes $200-$400 against David “Viffer” Peat. After a good start Jay got into real trouble losing quarter of a million dollars to David Peat but during that period Kranz was looking to get under the skin of David Peat and understand his betting patterns. Krantz finally found a tell he could exploit which was that David Peat was bluffing when firing a full pot bet on the river.

After a few hands that proved Jay Rosenkrantz’ theory to be correct it was only a matter of time before David Peat would lose all the money he had won plus what he had in his account. Jay was very careful in not exploiting the tell in any smaller pots but waited to use his knowledge in the big ones which finally resulted in him winning a $300.000 plus pot against David Peat. It took more than 36 hours for Jay to make this great comeback and after the session he could put down the biggest win in 8 weeks on the scoreboard. This whole Heads Up match against David Peat showed clearly that betting patterns from your opponent can be exploited and that poker truly is a skill game where observant behavior pays off.

Pushing the stakes

If David Peat was the right opponent to play from the beginning is doubtful and the team pushed the stakes in the eagerness to fulfill the quest of winning the $2.000.000 in 2 months. This time it ended well but the table and opponent selection was not as careful as in the prior seven episodes which certainly is not something that give credit to the guys or can be deemed a professional attitude at all.

2 months 2millions episode 9 will have a big live cash game taking place in the Las Vegas mansion which can be followed next Wednesday on the G4 network when the second last episode are broadcasted.

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