2 Months 2 Million: New poker TV show revealed

2 Months 2 Million

The storyline

1 Big mansion in Las Vegas
4 internet poker professionals
1 quest win: $2 millions in 2 months

This is all needed to bring an exciting new reality program to viewers of G4TVs new show: 2months2million.

The 4 poker professionals Dani Stern, Jay Rosenkranzt, Brian Roberts and Emil Patel has formed team Israel and are now aiming to win no less than $2.000.000 within 60 days.

The TV poker program follows the 4 young online poker players progress in reaching this insane goal. $8333 in winnings per player per day is not an easy task and it will take all their skills to reach the $2.000.000 in winnings.

A war room with big plasma screens has been set up and even a tilt room where the 4 players can smash all kinds of vegetables with anything from baseball clubs to hockey sticks is established.

Besides that, the mansion covering more than 10.000 square feet has its own pool some humongous living rooms and is installed with a fancy kitchen and a chef dedicated to make food 24/7 to the participants of the new G4 TV show.

The program is not all about poker. Viewers will follow the poker guys when they go clubbing on some of the hottest nightclubs in Vegas. Also to be seen is how the biggest loser on a weekly basis has to fulfill a prop bet. Many ridiculous TV takes have come out of this and it is more or less outrageous what the poker donkey of the week is punished with.

Real pokerstars

No matter what, the 4 players have put themselves in the driving seat to become Pokerstars in public. Already established as trusted and feared poker players in the online poker community they will all of them now be known in all of USA as the players who either succeed or fail the 2millions2month quest.

They have already taken their seats- now it is you who should take your seat and tune in to follow the dream about getting rich playing internet poker.

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