2months 2million might face legal problems

2 Months 2 Million

The people behind the new G4TV poker show 2 months 2 Millions might have made an extremely big blunder when renting the fancy mansion in Las Vegas to do the take.
State laws in Nevada are quite clear about placing bets online. “You may not place a bet in the state of Nevada that is not placed with an institution that is regulated by the state of Nevada”.

The final sites

Emil Patel, Dani Stern, Brian Roberts and Jay Rosenkranz will have to fulfill the 2months2million quest by playing online at either Pokerstars, Fulltilt Poker, Absolute Poker, Ultimate Bet Poker, Cake Poker or Bodog Poker as they are the only online poker sites that remain to accept players from US.

As none of these sites is even close to being regulated by the state of Nevada it seems unlikely that this TV show will avoid legal problems. Our prediction is that 2months 2million might not even air when G4TV eventually finds out that choosing Macao or London as a location to shoot the TV show would have been the superior choice.

If we ever will find out if Poker Team Israel actually won the 2 millions remain to be seen.

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