2 months 2 million Episode 5

This fifth episode of 2months2million is by far the best aired yet. Finally we got to see some reactions from the players as things are not going exactly their way.

No interest from Dani Stern

Dani Stern seems to still have no interest in taking the project too serious and continuo to prefer clubbing, drinking and fun stuff over his friends and poker. It is not really an attitude that suits a professional poker and with only a few weeks to go Dani certainly will have a hard time impressing us enough to remove the feeling of him being young and careless. In other words we find him very unprofessional and believe his image has been weakened by participating in G4s 2months2million show.

Brian lost a bit more than $100.000 in this episode playing high stakes Pot Limit Omaha. He took a small loss an early morning when coming back from the discothèque at the Palms hotel. Playing big games after a night out is a major blunder and will cost the guys a lot in the long run but the biggest loss came against one of the marked fish and Brain are major favorite to retrieve the lost money in the future.

However until now he had not been playing in the big games. It was easy for TV viewers to feel the tension in the “war room”, when Team Israel stepped up the plate and took a shot at the high stake games. The decision to play high stakes poker did not seem to be well thought through and it is likely the pressure of reaching the goal of winning 2 millions made Brian do an incorrect decision.

Jay simply left Las Vegas and went home to his mother as he was fed up with losing, unserious team mates and poker in general. The trip went well for him and he came back as a new an recharged poker player which we will enjoy to see in action the next episodes. We are confident he will have some long conversations with his team mates regarding how the rest of the summer in Las Vegas should be spent namely with serious and professional online poker.

$35.000 in total

The four players lost back most of their profit and is currently only at $35.000 in the positive which will not cover the extravagant habits the guys have and some good sessions are needed to make the summer a break even session for them.

We anticipate that episode 6 will be the point where the team members finally begin to show why they are to be considered some of the best players in the world. If not then 2months2million is a show they should never have agreed to participate in at all.

Follow all the action in 2months2million episode 6 on G4 TV next Wednesday.

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