2 months 2 million: Episode 4

Finally some high stakes action and what a performance by David Benyamine. Team Israel was only $114.400 up after 3 weeks of play and needed something going to close the gap towards the 2 million win.

Erica Schoenberg

An almost more than perfect situation arose when they met the wonderful Erica Schoenberg who is high stakes poker player David Benyamin’s girlfriend. Jay introduced himself and provided Erica with his details so David could call him to arrange an online clash on the high stakes tables on Full Tilt Poker.

Playing David could minimize the damage of losing Blewjob who was one of Jay’s targets for the summer. Blewjob suddenly quit playing Jay in Episode 4 of 2months2million even he was up a lot on Jay. The episode concentrated a lot about Jay’s mindset towards the No Limit match against David Benyamine and it was great to see that he prepared well for this battle.

David however did choose the time of the match and phoned Jay very early in the morning on 2 occasions. This was a really smart move by the French poker professional who know young online poker professional players bad habits. David most likely assumed that Jay either had been out partying all night or at least that he is not used to get up early.

Jay had to face a deficit of $60.000 against David Benyamine but this after losing an all in pot with Aces against David’s pocket pair jacks. Seen in the light of last week’s $80.000 loss this was not the time and place to be outdrawn.

1 hour match

The match lasted only 1 hour which was agreed upon upfront and David Benyamine showed great skills setting up this match. He knew Krantz was eager to play him and thus managed to negotiate some favorable terms for himself.

Despite the fairly huge loss in the match Jay still managed to win $1.000 in this weeks episode of 2months2million. Brian once again secured a win for the week and even it was less than $10.000 total he has been the one showing real stable results.

Dani managed to turn the 3 week downswing and ended winning a total of $11.000. Emil Patel who we do not really see at lot in the G4 Tv Show booked the biggest win ($27.200) in episode 4 and totally the team ended up $48.700 after week 4 for a total of $163.100 in the black zone.

Achieving the 2 months 2 million goal now seems impossible unless the guy push the stakes quite a bit. This would however be a doubtful strategy and hopefully the four poker professionals will revert from making stupid decisions.

In Episode 5 of 2months2million we will find out if the team will change the success criterion or not. Follow the show on G4 every Sunday.

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