2 months 2 million (2m2mm): Episode 6

The only epic thing to say about episode 6 is that the guys finally begun to win. Brian once again was the biggest winner and booked $32.500 in winnings. Jay was not far away from that amount with his $29.100. Dani posted a back to back week win and this time a substantial $26.500 was added to his bank roll while Emil Patel scored a nice $17.900 profit during week 6.

$106.000 in winnings

With all players in the black zone and a combined win of $106.000 the overall result in the hunt of winning $2.000.000 in 2 months show a profit of $141.100. With a few weeks to go and only 7% of the total won so far it will be almost impossible to full fill the goal but on the other hand all the four players showed in 2month2million episode 6 that they are back on track in terms of playing some real serious online poker. Once again most of the play was taking place on online poker giant Full Tilt Poker as this is one of the poker sites where the team members can find action.

Episode 6 of 2 months 2 million also saw the team hosting a boot camp where four other young online poker layers decided to invest $2500 each to visit the marvelous house in Las Vegas and get some coaching from Jay, Dani, Emil and Brian.

A big compliment

One of the students made a serious big compliment when he talked about which poker player he would prefer to be coached by mentioning Brian Roberts as being second in line just after Phil Ivey but as Ivey himself is not coaching anyone then he got the best coach in the world. This statement show how much respect the online poker community have for Brian “Flawless_Victory” Roberts who also has been the team member with most consistent results throughout the first 6 episodes.

Unfortunately we did not really get under the skin of how the coaching took place. The students Harry “ UgotaBanana” Kaczka, Wladimir “Insyder19” Taschner, Ben “pokiethepanda” Middleton and Dave “NLsoldier” Schnettler all played a small online session on the big plasmas in the War room where Team Israel could follow the hands and thought process the different students had regarding NL Texas Hold’em poker but to little emphasis was put on the real work on the boot camp participants studies in regards of improving their game.

Instead the G4 TV production once again focused a lot on a Las Vegas night club visit where all 8 poker players went to party being taken there in a rented party bus. It is really a shame in our opinion that a substantial part of 2months2million is spent on inferior drinking nights instead of putting some real focus on the game of poker.

You can follow all the players on Full Tilt Poker and the team will be back next Wednesday on G4 network where viewers 8:00 p.m. EST will be able to see the new poker production 2 weeks 1.858.900 millions.

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