10 Day Challenge for New Betsafe Poker Players


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Hit the ground running when you join Betsafe Poker with the ’10 Day, 10 Achievement Challenge’ promo for all new players who want to pick up the ‘gauntlet’ thrown down by the Betsafe team.

You can complete your challenges in any order you choose and as fast as you want as long as they are completed within 10 days of registering your new Betsafe Poker account.

That means that you can save the toughest of the 10 challenges for days when you have the time and focus to grind your way through them for the biggest rewards!


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Ten Days of Poker Challenges for Great Rewards at Betsafe


Win UNIQUE achievement badges to display proudly at your Betsafe Poker tables when you play, cash prizes to boost your Betsafe Poker bankroll, free poker tournament tickets and free spins on the lucrative slots games in the poker room at Betsafe within 10 days of joining Betsafe Poker.

To embark on your 10 day, 10 challenges Betsafe poker promo and display your poker skills, simply register an account at Betsafe Poker Black and download the poker client.

Create your poker Alias that remains with you throughout your time at Betsafe Poker and open the ‘View My Achievements’ window in your personal account at Betsafe Poker.

The 10 poker challenges will be listed for you to reflect on along with the rewards that you will get when you complete each challenge.


View The Exciting 10 Challenges at Betsafe Poker


Calm your ‘fears’ about the difficulties of the 10 challenges that you will face when you embark on the quest at Betsafe Poker by viewing the challenges in advance under the promotions Tab at Betsafe or just read on.

The challenges are straightforward and simple to achieve, so overcome your apprehension now and take the plunge.

The 1st challenge from the promo is to play in a real money Freeroll and win a prize. On completion of that challenge, you will get 10 free spins on the thrilling slot game ‘Rabbit In a Hat’.

The 2nd challenge is to play in a regular scheduled tournament at Betsafe Poker where you will be rewarded with a free tournament ticket worth €1.10 upon completion of your task.

The 3rd challenge is to win 25 Blaze Poker hands. It’s a really super-heated poker format that will blow your mind and give you a brand new perception of fast poker at Betsafe. You get €2 credited to your account when you complete the third challenge.

Completion of challenge 4 which is to play 10 Sit & Go tournaments sees you rewarded with a free tournament ticket worth €3.30 and challenge 5 which is to play 25 raked cash game hands on your mobile device rewards you with 2 euros in cash.

Challenge 6 rewards you with €2 and 10 free spins on the’Loose Canon’ slot game when you get pocket aces dealt to you five times in Texas Hold’em games.

The 7th challenge is to play Omaha High with at least 25 bets or blinds. The full instructions on how to play Omaha are available at Betsafe Poker so expand your poker skills and win €2 in cash for your efforts.

Challenge 8 is to get 2 Heart Flushes using both hole cards at showdown for a prize of €2 and Challenge 9 is to play Hold’em and win a hand with 72 off suite hole cards to get a reward of 10 free spins on Lucky Koi slot game.

The 10th challenge set by Betsafe Poker is to flop a set with 22 in Texas Hold’em, Omaha or Omaha Hi-lo for a reward of €2 in cash.


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