Tottenham vs Milan – Match Preview and Betting Tips

AC Milan is struggling to make it back into contention after losing the first leg at San Siro, but the odds are stacked against them. With White Hart Lane being one of the less welcoming stadiums, it’s hard to believe that they will turn the game around. The bookmakers are not very confident in their chances either, and the odds for Milan to move further are dismal. Nevertheless we should expect a very tight match and with far more goals than what we had in the first leg.

Match preview for Tottenham vs Milan

Tottenham was the more offensive minded team in Milano, and they were hardly impressed by the fact the hosts were dominating the domestic league. After 80 minutes of constant pressure and attacks that could have easily ended with more goals, Crouch netted one and they are now the overwhelming favorites. Used to be the underdogs in the Champions league, due to their lack of experience and less remarkable players, Tottenham is now in the awkward position of being favorites.

Playing at home and with a 1-0 advantage, they must not find comfort in the one goal lead and allow the visitors to take the initiative. Starting with Pavlyucenko and Crouch should provide the edge, when it comes to long passes, as Peter’s height and Roman’s accuracy make up for a deadly combination. Arguably the most important player for the hosts is Rafael Van der Vaart, the top scorer and playmaker that will spearhead the host’s attacks.

Harry Redknapp should use Pavlyucenko in the offense together with Crouch, just as he does in the Premiership home games, and not dwell on the 1-0 advantage. Still, the fact that his formation was so effective in Milan with a single striker will probably determine him to use exactly the same starting eleven. This should be in the visitors’ advantage, as they only need one opportunity to take the initiative, and with Robinho, Ibrahimovic and Pato fit to play, scoring a goal is just a formality.

Betting Tip for Tottenham vs Milan

The worst case  scenario for the hosts would be to allow AC Milan to pressure them early on, because a goal scored in the first half will instantly delete their favorite status. They’ve got a similar experience with Inter in the group stage, and they should know that against these kind of teams, aggressive football is winning football. I wouldn’t bet stolen money on Tottenham to qualify, not because I don’t trust them to, but simply because there is no value at all in these odds. Instead, I’ll go at full stakes for the over 2.5 goals bet, as the time for safety has long passed and now the only concern is to score one more goals than the opponent.

Betting tip – Over 2.5 goals

Match odds for Tottenham vs Milan

All odds are at the time of writing and may change before kick off.