Poker Strategy

4 of a kind also called Quads

Quads are a very strong hand in Texas Hold em Poker No Limit. Royal flush and Straight flush are the only other hands that defeat this monster. 4 of a… læs mere

Full House

Full house is also called a Full Boat Full houses can only be beaten by Royal and straight flushes, Quads and higher full houses. A Full house is defined as… læs mere

Straight Flush Vs Royal Flush

Straight Flush hands are extremely strong as they only can be beaten by Royal Flush or a higher Straight flush. The hand beats all other hand rankings. New poker players… læs mere

Royal flush also called Royal straight flush

Getting a Royal flush in Texas Hold’em poker is the one single hand that is impossible to beat. Players often ask the question “what beats a royal flush” and the… læs mere

Folding AA in Texas Holdem

Is it ever correct to fold AA preflop in Texas Holdem? The answer is yes as we can easily find a few extreme situations where this clearly would be the… læs mere

Texas Hold'em

How to play Texas Holdem poker There are many variations of poker but without doubt online Texas Hold em poker is by far the most popular. TV poker shows is… læs mere

Top 10 poker hands

Poker hand rankings are important to understand. The strongest top ten poker hands can be played almost from any position at the poker table and will generate profits. Depending on… læs mere

Poker hand nicknames

A lot of poker hands carry their own poker hand nickname and this special form of poker lingo is somewhat needed to know if you play a lot of poker…. læs mere

Keys to success in online poker part 3

Game selection Poker opponent number 1: Phil Ivey, professional Full Tilt Poker player Poker opponent number 2: Mr. I do not know the online poker rules at all. Who do… læs mere

Keys to success in online poker part 2

Set your own success criteria for your poker play. In all business and in all projects a success criterion has to be set. This applies for your online poker play… læs mere

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